Hey, I'm Michael! 👋

Me, sitting on a rock.

I'm Michael Fatemi, an app developer and machine learning enthusiast.

I'm a student at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, where I'm an active member of the machine learning club, student government, varsity track, and the Rubik's Cube Club. I'm currently working on a research project to locate and classify sounds and display them in augmented reality. I have taken courses in computer vision, artificial intelligence, and mobile and web app development.

I build apps like WheelShare, a carpool discovery app for my school, EyeOS, an app that makes it possible to control a computer through eye movements, and Coronavision, a website with maps, charts, and predictions for COVID-19 cases. All of these are open source! Check out my Github.

From June 2021 to August 2021, I worked as a research intern for Dr. Ei Brown at the Army Research Lab in Adelphi, Maryland. My primary research goal was to measure the efficiency of various laser crystals by detecting the amount and wavelengths of emitted light from each crystal. I wrote Python programs to automatically detect the decay time of an emitted signal and decompose a single decay signal into various component decay signals. I also wrote a Java program to interface directly with the drivers for a lab spectrometer, setting up a server that piped real-time detection events to clients, performed data transformations such as noise reduction and signal peak identification, and visualized the results in a dashboard.

From April 2020 to April 2021, I was a founding member and the director of events at Codefy, a computer science tutoring nonprofit. I taught courses in web development and Python, built the enrollment system that was used by thousands of students, and organized workshops in machine learning, game development, and computer vision.

As a member of the student government, I rebuilt the main website with Typescript and React and built a website where students can share study guides. I also help organize events.

If you want to talk more, email me at 2022mfatemi [at] tjhsst.edu or send me a message on my LinkedIn!