Technology for social good

I want to create, explore, and connect, and make it possible for as many other people as possible to do so as well.

I've been coding since 2013. When I was admitted to the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, I took a test to qualify to take AP Computer Science with Data Structures as a freshman. I've built several apps with React, one of the most highly-demanded app development frameworks. I'm currently in the process of learning Torch, a Machine Learning framework. I've completed HuggingFace's course on natural language transformers.

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A robust and feature-filled Coronavirus tracker which pooled data from dozens of sources and created detailed data visualations.

I maintained the website for two months before I ran out of free credits on Google Cloud. ($120 was on a single bill for producing too many logs. A costly mistake...)

Interested in the code? Check it out on GitHub!


A revolutionary tool that enables the disabled to use a computer without the use of their hands.

Collaborators: Suhas Nandiraju and Autin Mitra.

Awards: HooHacks 2020 Overall Winner

Interested in the code? Check it out on GitHub!

& More

Varsity Track Team
Track is one of the best high school sports. No question. :)
I'm a distance runner, with hopes of being able to run a mile in under five minutes by my senior year.

Student Government & Advocacy
I created a complete redesign of the student government website. It's open source!

I also started a movement that led to one of the first equally-voiced town halls about the admissions process to my school.